Overstrand Nature / Greg Bond Photography | Epaulet Skimmer O chrysostigma

An attractive and distinctive species of limited European distribution, these were all photographed in Portugal
Imm male20100518-Ep Skimmer leftmature maleFemaleFemale-2Female-3Female-4Old femaleMature male-2Imm male-2Imm male-3near mature male20110617-20110617-_MG_001120110616-20110616-_MG_000420110616-20110616-_MG_0005Epaulet Skimmer maleEpaulet Skimmer male-2-3Epaulet Skimmer imm male, Andalucia-2Epaulet Skimmer imm male, AndaluciaEpaulet Skimmer old male, Andalucia