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Peter Hunt(non-registered)
Just found your website Greg when browsing and must say that you have some great pics here.The dragons particularly took my attention.
Jon Clifton(non-registered)
Great photos Greg. India this year looked fab! Love the photo of Savannah Sparrow, was that the recent British one!
Nick Ransdale(non-registered)
Like the new website, Greg. Nice uncluttered look and good layout - well-done, nice photos with the new format Panasonic, by the way.
Janet Ellis(non-registered)
Hi Greg, Good to see you are up and running again with a website. Missed your photo updates and judging by the numbers who came to my site in search of you - others did too! Updated my site (Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries www.overstrandlife.co.uk) with your new site address, hope you get plenty of referrals.

Love your photo's; you obviously have a lot of patience. As for me it is rare to see me out without my camera but my photo's are grabbed on brief stops when out on our walks, so they tend to be static items - flowers, beach, buildings and the like.

Keep taking the photographs, Janet
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